Guiding People to Embrace the Potential of Change

It’s natural to feel intimidated by the possibility of change and unclear about which path to take — or create! I believe transitions offer powerful windows of learning, unlearning, and relearning… windows where we find clarity about who we are, who we’ve been, and who we want to become. Whether you’re developing your leadership, shifting your career, or evolving your work as an organization, I can help you move forward with new insight and energy.

DeDe Esque is a coach and culture change facilitator based in West Michigan. She works with clients locally in Grand Rapids and also welcomes clients online and by phone.

DeDe EsqueExperienced in transitions herself, DeDe Esque helps her clients honor their journey, persevere amidst transition, and approach transformation with honesty and courage. DeDe offers over 20 years in leadership, human resources and training, and organizational development, with experience in the nonprofit, philanthropy, financial, and retail sectors. Her facilitation skills have been sharpened by experiences with the Institutes for Healing Racism, Grand Rapids Public Schools, and The White House Project. She earned coaching certification from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara and also holds a BA in Marketing from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.


“I have found DeDe’s coaching style to fit well with my needs both professionally and interpersonally. She provides a road map without impeding the journey or controlling the destination. This map has allowed me to find my way to understanding myself as a supervisor, a team leader and a person. She has allowed me to honor and recognize my strengths and face my challenges. Her coaching has improved my effectiveness and confidence as a leader.” — BC

“Ms. Esque’s work with our team has been helpful to our entire group. She is organized, insightful, flexible and genuine. She takes the time to research and prepare before a group session in order to bring something truly unique to the interaction. She is seen as a neutral facilitator, a valuable asset during difficult discussions and conflict. Team members appreciate the care she has taken to get to know them and move the team forward toward our goals. I would highly recommend Ms. Esque as a coach for your team.” — BC

“It has been on my list to write you to express how much I appreciate our time together. Your support was critical to me during a time I felt alone. I appreciate how you were supportive, nonjudgemental, caring and wise. I am confident you are helping others along their path, as you helped me. Thank you again and I wish you great success, joy and contentment.” — JD

My Approach to Coaching

Experienced in a variety of leadership roles, from Line Meat Carver to President/CEO, I honor each of my client’s journeys with humor, grace, and truth-telling. My success comes from working with emotionally intelligent leaders, learning from my failures, and trusting my intuitive truth. All this is integrated in my work and shaped by your desired path. You can expect a coach who will tune in to your needs and play the role of accountability partner, mindful provocateur, and innovative thought leader.

I enter coaching relationships grounded in the belief that every client brings all that is needed to be successful. We work together and I help to provide perspective, raise awareness, and explore possibilities — through clear coaching goals, focused outcome-driven meetings, support to meet challenges, and plans to support change long-term.

Coaching is not who I am, but how I do my work. It is a privilege I do not take lightly.

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